Capital Investment

Non-expansionary Capital Works

Since 2009, DBCT Management has been implementing a non-expansion capital works program (NECAP) at the terminal, comprising projects which ensure the terminal remains in a safe and efficient operating condition, but which do not increase terminal capacity. Most NECAP projects are related to safety and environmental improvements or compliance with various regulations and standards. Major NECAP projects are also undertaken from time to time. Examples of major NECAP projects undertaken in recent years are the replacement of Stacker Reclaimer machine SR1 with a new reclaimer RL3 and the Water Quality Improvement Project which included augmentation of water storage on site, upgraded water transfer capability, additional settling and clean out infrastructure and the provision for flocculation.

Expansionary Capital Works

Designed with an initial capacity of 15 million tonnes per annum (MTPA), DBCT’s capacity has expanded significantly over the years. DBCT Management delivered the following expansions from 2001:

Expansion Stages as follows:

Inception14.55 MTPA1983
Stage 122.55 MTPA1990
Stage 226.55 MTPA1995
Stage 2A28.55 MTPA1997
Stage 333.55 MTPA1999
Stage 437.55 MTPA1999
Stage 545.50 MTPA2002
Stage 654.50 MTPA2003
Stage 7X85.00 MTPA2009