Health & Safety – We make SAFETY Personal

Our Safety Vision – Every Person goes home from work safe and well

The safety of our people, our contractors and surrounding communities is a key priority. We believe in the principle that all accidents are preventable and we foster a culture of shared responsibility for the safety of workers themselves as well as those around them.

All our employees on site are committed to achieving the safest possible outcome through a structured program of pre-start meetings, toolbox meetings, planned job observations and safety interventions.

Contractors engaged to undertake major capital works are appointed as Principal Contractors. They are subject to rigorous pre-qualification checks including reviews of their safety systems and safety management with ongoing compliance checks throughout construction.

DBI has developed an extensive WH&S System that includes a wide range of work procedures to ensure that tasks are completed in the safest manner. This includes the SLAM (Stop / Look / Assess / Manage) risk assessment process to identify and control hazards.

In parallel, the Operator has a statutory and contractual obligation in the management and control of Terminal safety best practice and is driven by its owners, which have some of the best safety records in the world.

The open and honest communication that exists between DBI and the Operator in the sharing of safety information and learnings is fundamental to our joint commitment for zero harm.

DBI actively promotes a healthier workforce by identifying and managing occupational hygiene risks including noise and respirable dust, and provides for testing at regular intervals for those personnel at risk of exposure. The Company also provides for voluntary employee medical assessments and flu vaccinations.