Regulatory Framework

DBT’s regulatory framework is reflected in a QCA-approved access undertaking (AU) that sets out the terms of terminal access, as well as a Standard Access Agreement (SAA) under which customers contract to access DBT.

The Access Undertaking is reviewed by the QCA every five years. The current AU expires on 1 July 2021.

DBT’s regulatory regime is supported by its contractual framework which is designed to minimise DBI’s exposure to volume risk, loss of Users and non-payment by Users.

Key risk mitigation mechanisms currently reflected in the AU and SAA include:

  • take-or-pay contract structure;
  • revenue socialisation;
  • User security;
  • compliance and variation processes; and
  • O&M cost pass through.

The Queensland Treasurer is responsible for administering the QCA Act, which includes making a declaration in relation to DBT’s services. The current declaration in relation to DBT was renewed in June 2020 for a further 10 year period, expiring in September 2030.

Latest Regulatory Updates

2017 Access Undertaking

Standard Access Agreement

Ongoing Regulatory Reporting

2021 Access Undertaking

2020 Declaration Assessment