DBT is a vital link in the global steelmaking supply chain.

The high-quality coal we handle on behalf of our customers is used to build the infrastructure we all depend on, to make the products we all use, and to produce the energy on which we rely. Building on programs and initiatives already in place, DBT has developed a Sustainability Strategy – Handling with Care – a joint commitment of DBIM as owner, and Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pty Ltd (DBCT P/L) as operator.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability is about creating a balance between economic prosperity, protecting the environment, looking after our people and fostering meaningful partnerships with our community and beyond.

Our Principles

Our sustainability principles have been defined to underpin decision-making and future planning, to balance core business goals with our responsibilities.

We are committed to:

Our Approach to Sustainability

We have undertaken a comprehensive research and information-gathering process as adopted by other leading organisations, to ensure our Sustainability Strategy successfully guides our business and practices.

DBT’s Sustainability Strategy and its initiatives are built around 45 material issues, identified and analysed through extensive consultation across the business and with external stakeholders.  Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a platform to help test and shape our commitments, we are using 4 key pillars – people, environment, business performance and community and partnerships – as the framework for our initiatives and programs.

Each of these pillars are aligned to a long-term strategic goal which we are aiming to achieve by 2030.

To help us achieve these goals specific focus areas have been identified for each pillar based on the outcome of the materiality assessment.  This provides a framework for our short and long-term initiatives and programs which will contribute towards achieving the long-term strategic goals.