Access Application Form

To request access the Terminal, please download and complete the Access Application Form.

Completed forms should be forwarded to:

The Chief Executive Officer

DBCT Management Pty Ltd
Level 15, Waterfront Place
1 Eagle Street

Access Undertaking

Dalrymple Bay Terminal is a multi-user coal terminal regulated by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA). The terms and conditions for terminal access, as well as our role in managing capacity, are outlined in the QCA’s approved Access Undertaking.

Two key components of the Access Undertaking are:

1. A Standard Access Agreement (SAA) which includes the standard contract terms under which DBI Management can provide access to the terminal, where excess terminal capacity exists.

2. New users must complete and send an Access Application Form to DBI Management to request access for additional capacity. Where there is no spare capacity, a capacity queue is formed in accordance with section 5 of the Access Undertaking. Upon receipt of an Access Application Form, DBI Management will promptly provide the Access Seeker with an Indicative Access Proposal outlining the proposed terms and conditions of Access.

Should you have any queries about acquiring access to the Terminal, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Standard Access Agreement

The Access Undertaking includes DBI Management’s Standard Access Agreement, which are the standard terms upon which DBI Management provides access to DBT.

Click here to download DBT’s Standard Access Agreement.