Collection and Use of Personal Information on

When you visit (The Website), we will collect and process the following personal information about you from the following places:

  • directly from you;
  • from other sources; and
  • when we generate it ourselves.

Such information may include (by way of non-exhaustive list):

  • technical information collected by cookies about the services that you use, and how you use them which may include device-specific information, your navigation throughout Tthe Website, and other technical and browsing preferences including your location and entry point to The Website; and
  • information you submit as part of completing online forms on The Website.

Your Personal Information may be stored and processed by DBI in any of the following ways and for the following purposes:

  • for ongoing review and improvement of the information, content and services provided on The Website to ensure they are user friendly and to prevent any potential disruptions such as cyber-attacks;
  • to analyze and report on Website traffic, marketing and usage trends;
  • to allow you to use and access the functionality provided by The Website;
  • to conduct analysis required to detect malicious data and understand how this may affect your IT system;
  • for statistical monitoring and analysis of current attacks on devices and systems and for the on-going adaptation of the solutions provided to secure devices and systems against current attacks;
  • to communicate with you in in response to queries submitted via online forms on The Website;
  • to verify your information, including information you submit via online forms on The Website;
  • for in-depth threat analysis;
  • to understand your needs and interests;
  • for the management and administration of our business;
  • in order to comply with and in order to assess compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, and internal policies and procedures; or
  • for the administration and maintenance of databases storing personal information.

When we use personal information, we make sure that the usage complies with law, and the law allows us and requires us to use personal information for a variety of reasons. These include the following:

  • in order to perform our contractual obligations;
  • where we have obtained your consent;
  • where we have legal and regulatory obligations that we have to discharge;
  • where we need to do so in order to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights or for the purpose of legal proceedings; and
  • where such use is necessary for our legitimate business interests, such as:
    • allowing us to effectively and efficiently manage and administer the operation of our business;
    • maintaining compliance with internal policies and procedures;
    • monitoring the use of our copyrighted materials; and
    • offering optimal, up-to-date security solutions for mobile devices and IT systems.