Community & Partnerships

DBI has established a Community Investment, Partnerships & Sponsorship Program to ensure shared value for the Community in which we operate. The aim of the program is to develop strong and authentic partnerships that will provide social, cultural, environmental and economic benefit to its communities.

To create shared value a framework has been developed which ties back to the 4 sustainability pillars and UN Sustainable Development Goals:

ENVIRONMENTTo contribute to protecting and enriching community through reef biodiversity and ecosystems, water management and climate change adaption and mitigation.Biodiversity & Reef Ecosystem protection & restoration Water stewardship Climate Change.
PEOPLETo contribute to a positive community culture that enhances livelihoods through social inclusion, innovation and empowerment of people.Social inclusion Innovation Health & Wellbeing.
COMMUNITY & PARTNERSHIPSTo enhance the community through understanding and driving positive change that will enable authentic partnerships and long-term connections that remains relevant, informed and value orientated.Cultural & Community Programs. Events & Partnerships.
BUSINESS PERFORMANCETo contribute to community through optimising access to education and training of the workforce for our future.Education & Training Skills development.

Community memberships:

To advance DBI’s sustainability initiatives, we value the importance of building strong partnerships with other organisations and industry associations. Some examples of the external initiatives we support are listed below: