Supply Chain

The terminal receives, stores and is an important export gateway for metallurgical and thermal coal extracted from mines in the central Bowen Basin. The terminal is a critical link in the global steelmaking supply chain.

Coal is extracted from either an open cut or underground mine by mining companies and is then processed before being stockpiled at or near the mine.

From the stockpile, the coal is loaded onto coal trains and taken to DBT. The coal trains are operated by one of four operators: Pacific National, Aurizon National Coal, BMA Rail and One Rail, all of which operate on Aurizon Network’s electrified rail network. Each train carries approximately 10,000 metric tonnes of coal.

When the train reaches the terminal, it passes through one of three rail unloading stations, where the coal is unloaded from the open bottom of the train onto conveyors. From here the coal is transferred to the DBT stockyard.

In the stockyard different types of coal are stacked into distinct stockpiles. Once the cargo is fully assembled, the coal is then transferred via conveyor from the stockyard to shiploaders 3.8 kilometres offshore. The shiploaders load the coal onto customer vessels, which transport the coal to various ports around the world.